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Nawashi (縄師): or "rope master" or "rope teacher", but in SM circles it means "rope artist".  Nawashi are those who have some recognized proficiency in the historic erotic art of kinbaku (緊縛) (lit. tight binding) or Kinbaku-bi (lit. beautiful bondage).

Other terms used in Japan for rope artists within SM culture are: Kinbakushi and Bakushi, with Bakushi being more typical. You can try it live in excellent Asian Babe Cams with girls ready on webcam to sexually experiment with you!

In early 2007 a documentary movie entitled Bakushi produced by Naoya Narita and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki was released. In it, three Japanese ropemasters (bakushi) Chimuo Nureki, Haruki Yukimura, and Go Arisue; along with three of their models Hiromi Saotome, Sumire, Taeko Uzuki are interviewed by Hiroki. Running time: 94 MIN.

Two famous nawashi would include the late Osada Eikichi (2001) and Akechi Denki (2005). Other notable Japanese Bakushi would be Randa Mai, Go Arisue, Chimuo Nureki, Haruki Yukimura and Chiba Eizoh. One notable female Bakushi would be Benio Takara.

The art of Kinbaku has become popular in the west since the mid-1990s with a number of notable western practitioners shaping their rope art in Japanese inspired forms. Tough hard fetish sex and asian babes banged hard with Top Notch Asian Slaves and cute oriental teens in sexy action

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